Sunday, November 1, 2009

fall fun

What a busy fall! A few weeks ago we rode the Pumpkin Train in Boone. The boys recently have taken great interest in trains, so it was a lot of fun for them. We've been in the yard raking leavings, putting things away for the winter, and staking up wood for our fireplace. The boys have been very big helpers! We also took them out trick or treating around our neighborhood. They were totally getting the hang of things and ran up to every house that had a light on. Next year should be even more fun. Of course every day the boys surprise us with the new "tricks" they know. Here's a few of their latest...

I want this, and this, and this...

I can plug my ears when I don't want to listen

snap, snap!


team work?


being goofy

On the pumpkin train...CHOO CHOO!