Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

For my next trick....

What's not to love.

Practicing his doctor skills again.

First picnic of the year.

Loves his boots.

Don't move a muscle.

Showin' off the new specs.

Glad they don't know how to turn on the water...YET!


Aidan's typical evening attire.
I think Spring has finally arrived.  After several attempts at putting away the snow boots and winter coats, only to have to drag them out again I think we've finally put them away for good.  With the arrival of spring, the boys have decided clothes are optional at home.  It usually takes them about an hour after we get home to strip down to all but their underwear and run around the house.  Must be sort of freeing! :)  We've spent some much needed time outside working in the yard and have had a few trips to the park already.  We also got Ethan's new glasses this week.  He had them all of 1 hour before he brought them to me all bent to heck.  After a little twist here and pull there, I have them sort of straight again.  We are going to an Easter egg hunt this weekend and then home to dye Easter eggs with our friend Lily.  Look for pics from that soon!