Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas with Grammy and the Aunties!

Playing in the first snow of the season.
Wasn't much to play in!

"Oh Cool!"
From the Ohlendorf family!

Auntie Mimi helping out.

Auntie B gave superhero costumes!

Obviously, we loved the costumes!

It even fits Auntie B!

Why do they make toys so hard to get in to??

Aidan checking out the new movie.

Snow shovels just our size.  Now we can help Daddy!

And a new sled...if only we had snow!


It was 50 degrees on Sunday, so the superheros we out protecting our backyard.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Aidan-man!

Batman to the rescue!

Auntie B got her cell phone search by airport security.  Luckily, they found this picture on her phone and realized that she hangs out with the good guys!
After 3 days of much eating, drinking, and fun, the Aunties had to go home again.  The boys are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa in a few short days.  They each received a video message from Santa Claus.  Ethan was on the nice list, and Aidan unfortunately, made the naughty list.  But, after some "shaping up" he received another message saying he made it to the nice list.  Hopefully, they love what Santa brings them!

Hope everyone enjoys these last few days before Christmas.  Take time to relax and enjoy the moments!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 months...Really?

 It's really been 2 months since we've posted last?  YIKES!  We have certainly been busy the last 2 months.  We've been outside as much as possible enjoying those last few days of summer and fall.  This afternoon, the last of the outdoor stuff officially made it into the shed and is stored away for the winter.  We also put up all of the Christmas lights on the outside of the house while it was still decent outside.  The boys are totally into Christmas this year, which make us very excited for it.  Very soon "Buddy" our Elf on the Shelf will make his appearance back in our house to watch over all of us and report back to Santa every night.  Hopefully he'll have only good things to say.

Since it's been so long since our last post, I decided I'd play catch up through photos.  The biggest highlight of the last 2 months is that the boys turned 4!  They had a race car birthday party and actually celebrated for an entire week.  Trust me, they were birthdayed out by the end of it all, but they quickly wanted to know how long until they turn 5 so they can do it all over again.  Unfortunately, the memory card in our camera went on the fritz and we lost almost all of the pictures that we took of their birthday week.  Guess it has to be forever engrained on our memories instead.  Hope you enjoy our photo update!
Just laughin it up.

Aidan-4 year pictures

Ethan-4 year pictures

Seriously Mom, are we done yet?

Silly face!

Yes, money!

Opening gifts

In the corn pool at Center Grove Orchard

The giant slide at the Orchard

Aidan LOVES tractors

Ethan pedaling.

Train ride

Feeding the goats

Kissing Pigs!

An old schoolhouse...they boys made Adam and I sit at the desks and they taught us a new song!

Picking pumpkins!

Ethan liked this one.

Making our pile.

Scarey faces.

Trick or treating with our friends, Lily, Luke, and Owen

Ethan and his princess.

The was a dark and stormy night....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Post op Days 2 & 3

Ethan has done great the last 2 days.  Yesterday he only asked for Tylenol and an ice bag for his eyes once.  Today, I've asked him a couple of times if he wants any, and he has always said "No, I'm good!"  He is doing great at remembering not to touch his eyes.  Occasionally, he'll reach up to touch his eyes and then remember and say "I'm sorry, I almost touched them.".  Yesterday he helped me clean the basement, watched a lot of movies, and we ran a couple of errands around town.  He really was getting quite bored with just me, so we had Lily over to play this morning.  They had so much fun together.  He is taking a power nap right now, logging in 3 hours and 15 minutes so far....hmmm, wonder how long I should let him sleep??
Ethan asked Lily to play tag and she said "No".  This is what he did....

So, of course, Lily went and told him she changed her mind and she would play tag.

This is their "boat"

Sailing the seas of their imagination!
The only thing Ethan is struggling with is the drops and ointment we have to do.  We do the drops 2 times during the day and the ointment at night before bed.  He HATES them!!  I asked him if they hurt and he said "No, they are just scary!"  Poor little buddy.  This morning, after we did the drops and he was crying he yelled at me "When I get big, I'm going to put drops in your eyes!!!"  That about made me cry.  I do have some eye drops that I use occasionally, I just might have to let him put them in my eyes tonight.

Aidan and Daddy will arrive home in a couple of hours.  Hopefully, they can remember to not play rough....wish us luck with that!
From the Colorado Aunties with love!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Post Op: Great News!

Ethan has done great post operatively! Yesterday it took him until about 5pm to get brave enough to open his eyes.  Once he did, he found out that it was ok, and decided to start playing with Aidan.  They played together outside for about an hour and then Ethan hit his wall and was tired.  We did a quick supper, bath, and then off to bed.  I was a little worried about how he would react when I put the arm restraints on because he hated them so much in recovery room.  But, he didn't fuss at all!  He woke up once at 3am wanting more Tylenol and a new ice bag on his eyes.  This morning when we woke up, his eyes were stuck shut and we had to get them open.  He still wasn't so sure about opening them, and preferred to wear sunglasses and feel around like a blind person. :)
Off to IA City Ethan, Grammy and I went for a post op visit.  Nana, Aidan and Adam went to Chicago for Connor's birthday.  Dr. Drack is very, very happy with how Ethan is doing.  She was very impressed that he felt well enough last night to play, that he had such a good night overnight, and said that already this morning, his alignment measurements were better that preop and he was using his eyes together.  We are just suppose to encourage Ethan to use his bifocal more now that surgery is over.  She thought things looked so good, that we don't have to go back until Oct. 7!  Since Ethan felt so well, Grammy and I decided to make a short stop at the outlet mall in Williamsburg on the way home.  Ethan was a very good shopper!!  His reward for having such a good postop visit was to get to ride 3 rides at the mall and actually have Mommy put money into them so they really moved!!! :) 
Thanks to everyone for all of the prayers, well wishes, and thoughts over the last few days.  Things still hurt some and he still is on Tylenol and ice bags, but otherwise doing very, very well. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Resting at Aunt Barb's

We made it back to Aunt Barb's. While Ethan was in recovery, he was very agitated.  The recovery nurse asked if I would come back and try and help to settle him.  She said typically they don't ask parents to come back, but with my surgical nursing background, they felt it was appropriate.  Ethan was pissed off that he had elbow restraints on and an IV in his hand!  The more he threw a fit, the more croupy he sounded.  After multiple attempts as taking the restraints off, having to put them back on, trying to keep him from pulling his IV, giving him Morphine to settle him (didn't work), and giving him some humidified O2, the recovery nurse finally decided to call and see if we could just take the IV out.  Anesthesia said yes!  Boy, he was much happier without all the wires.  They placed an ice bag over his eyes and said most kids don't tolerate it or leave it alone.  He has wanted the ice on his eyes, which will just help make things better faster.
After he settled down, we finally got to meet back up with Daddy and Grammy.  Ethan let us spoon feed him 2 popsicles and declared that he was ready to go back to Aunt Barb's.  He has been resting comfortably ever since we got back.  Aidan was down for nap already by the time we got back, so he has not got to see Ethan yet.  None of us have really got to have a good look at his eyes open, because he's only barely opened them about 5 times so far.  Dr. Drack said that he may not want to open his eyes at all today, and that was ok.  We do have some eye drops we need to try and get in him 2 times today.....wish me luck with that!

He sorta looks like a wounded Civil War soldier with the ice wrap around his head, but if the ice is on his eyes, he can't rub them.  I'm afraid tonight may be a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG night! :)

Out of Surgery

Ethan is out of surgery.  We haven't actually seen him yet.  Dr. Drack came and spoke with us.  She said that the inner rectus muscles which cause the crossing were attached very close to the colored part of him eye.  The oblique muscles which caused his "trick" were very large.  She was very positive that we will see a very good result from the surgery.  She said the blood vessels oozed more than normal during surgery, so she had them draw a CBC on him and we will get those results tomorrow when we have our post op visit.  Because of the extra oozing, his eyes will be more impressivly red and for a longer period of time.  But, she said it will not affect the success rate of the surgery.  He will most likely will not want to open his eyes for the rest of the day and may have some bloody drainage from his eyes and nose.  She gave us some ointment and drops that we need to try and get into his eyes that will help with infection risk as well as pain control.  Otherwise, Tylenol should do the trick.  Hopefully we'll get to see him in about 30 minutes or so and can give another update then.

Off to the OR

It's about 8:00 am Thursday morning.  Ethan is back in surgery right now.  The morning has gone really well.  We took off from Cedar Rapids about 5:30 this morning. 
Everyone here is super nice and made us feel really comfortable.  Ethan's ambulatory surgery nurse, Julie got him checked in for surgery.  Turns out Adam went to Iowa State with her and they hung out together some in their college days.  Nice to see a "familiar" face.  While they were taking Ethan's vitals and such, he kept hiding under his blanket hoping everyone would go away.  
Checking out the fish

Aidan gave Ethan this picture to take along to surgery, since Aidan couldn't go with him.
After that, Ethan got to go off to the play area.  He was having so much fun.  The nurse anesthetist meet us there.  Turns out, she was born and raised in Ames.  Her parents and brother still live in Ames.  We had a lovely conversation about how she used to work at Hickory Park and how wonderful Great Plains Pizza is!  YUM!  I told her how I am a surgical nurse in Ames and she immediately knew one of our anesthesiologists too.  She suggested we give Ethan some Versed.  It is a medication that made him feel groggy and has amnesia effects.
Just when he was starting to act "goofy" they came to take him away.  He went right off with them, no tears shed at all.  It's so nice that he didn't even realize that he was really taken away from us or scared because of the drugs.  Surgery will take about 2 hours and 45 minutes.  They also said that they keep their kiddos in recovery for quite a while and let them wake up slowly on their own.  Dr. Drack will come and talk to us after the surgery is over to let us know how everything went.  We'll update more later today after surgery is over.