Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We spread out our Christmas' this year.  Mindy's family was in November in Marcus.  Adam's family was December 18 in Chicago, and we spent Christmas Day at our house with whoever was in the area and could make it.  We had a very nice time getting to see everyone and spending time together.

So, how did it all go?  Well, Christmas 2010 was a fun one.  The boys understood the whole Santa thing this year.  We had the "Elf on the Shelf" at our house for the month of December watching over them and reporting back to Santa every night.  The only thing the boys asked for from Santa was The Wizard of Oz.  Strange for 3 year olds, but they are in love with the movie.  In fact, they are currently watching it for the 5th time since Santa brought it a mere 24 hours ago.  Santa also created a yellow brick road for them leading to the Christmas tree.  They were pretty awe struck by it all.  Hope your family had a fun Christmas season.  Here's some pics from ours....we hope you enjoy!
 Anxiously awaiting the gift opening.

 Chicago Rash's
 Nana and Papa with the grandkids

 Photo shoot with Daddy
 Ready to play in the fresh snow

 Round 2...had to find new clothes cause everything was wet from round 1


 Adam got a shot of Aidan in mid air. He was so excited for his gifts he couldn't quit jumping.
 Santa left a yellow brick road to the Christmas tree

 Ethan was a little nervous to get off the step onto the road.

 The Emerald City!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where have we been???

Well crap, 2 months slipped past me again without posting on the blog.  Gosh, how does that happen so quickly.  What have we been doing for the past 2 months?  Here's a peek:

In November, Mommy and Daddy and Uncle Stephen and Aunt Steff went on a lovely vacation to Mexico. They say it was 85 degrees and sunny the entire time.  We stayed back in Iowa hanging out with our Nana and Papa and Grammy.  We also got to play with our cousins, Connor and Kayla and had cousin-in-law Mark help out some too.  We had so much fun with mom and dad away!  It looks like they had fun too!

Next we practiced our musical talents.  We love to the play the drums and guitar.  Every morning on the way to school we tell Mommy "wouder, wouder (louder)" to all the songs on the radio.  We love to sing too!

We go to go to Marcus for an early Christmas.  We go to see our aunts and uncles again as well as our cousins Emma and Jonathan.

 We tried out some new pajamas thanks to Uncle Cody and Aunt Jen!  And watched scary movies with Daddy in bed.

We helped our girlfriend Lily...
get ready for these guys to arrive!  Congrats to the VanderLinden family on the arrival of Luke and Owen!

We were silly...a lot!  Mommy and Daddy laugh and laugh at us!

Last but not least, we went to see Santa.  We actually got to eat breakfast first, and then tell Santa our heart's wishes.  We told Santa the only thing we want for Christmas is "The Wizard of Oz" and lots of candy.  I sure hope he brings it to us!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  And until next time...Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas!!