Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mindy's Family Christmas

Looks like trouble
Cody and Jen
Adam and Mindy
This is how Aidan walked C.J.
Whoopie Cushion Fun
Ethan & Auntie MiMi
Sit-n-Spin! (they play music now)
Rip and Tear
Aidan's most favorite gift...a BROOM!
More Presents
The Gang
The rest of the Gang
This little tower is filled with 20 brightly colored balls...
to get scattered across our house

Thanks for all of the great gifts! We had a blast!


We apologize for being so far behind on our blog. We been busy, busy getting ready for the holidays. Here's some pictures from Thanksgiving at our house. We hosted a little of Adam's family, a little of Mindy's family, and a few friends. It was a great day!

Sharing the Love

I heart pickles
Hey Tex!
Look what just strolled into town...
Riding his "horse"