Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 months...Really?

 It's really been 2 months since we've posted last?  YIKES!  We have certainly been busy the last 2 months.  We've been outside as much as possible enjoying those last few days of summer and fall.  This afternoon, the last of the outdoor stuff officially made it into the shed and is stored away for the winter.  We also put up all of the Christmas lights on the outside of the house while it was still decent outside.  The boys are totally into Christmas this year, which make us very excited for it.  Very soon "Buddy" our Elf on the Shelf will make his appearance back in our house to watch over all of us and report back to Santa every night.  Hopefully he'll have only good things to say.

Since it's been so long since our last post, I decided I'd play catch up through photos.  The biggest highlight of the last 2 months is that the boys turned 4!  They had a race car birthday party and actually celebrated for an entire week.  Trust me, they were birthdayed out by the end of it all, but they quickly wanted to know how long until they turn 5 so they can do it all over again.  Unfortunately, the memory card in our camera went on the fritz and we lost almost all of the pictures that we took of their birthday week.  Guess it has to be forever engrained on our memories instead.  Hope you enjoy our photo update!
Just laughin it up.

Aidan-4 year pictures

Ethan-4 year pictures

Seriously Mom, are we done yet?

Silly face!

Yes, money!

Opening gifts

In the corn pool at Center Grove Orchard

The giant slide at the Orchard

Aidan LOVES tractors

Ethan pedaling.

Train ride

Feeding the goats

Kissing Pigs!

An old schoolhouse...they boys made Adam and I sit at the desks and they taught us a new song!

Picking pumpkins!

Ethan liked this one.

Making our pile.

Scarey faces.

Trick or treating with our friends, Lily, Luke, and Owen

Ethan and his princess.

The was a dark and stormy night....