Sunday, September 4, 2011

Post op Days 2 & 3

Ethan has done great the last 2 days.  Yesterday he only asked for Tylenol and an ice bag for his eyes once.  Today, I've asked him a couple of times if he wants any, and he has always said "No, I'm good!"  He is doing great at remembering not to touch his eyes.  Occasionally, he'll reach up to touch his eyes and then remember and say "I'm sorry, I almost touched them.".  Yesterday he helped me clean the basement, watched a lot of movies, and we ran a couple of errands around town.  He really was getting quite bored with just me, so we had Lily over to play this morning.  They had so much fun together.  He is taking a power nap right now, logging in 3 hours and 15 minutes so far....hmmm, wonder how long I should let him sleep??
Ethan asked Lily to play tag and she said "No".  This is what he did....

So, of course, Lily went and told him she changed her mind and she would play tag.

This is their "boat"

Sailing the seas of their imagination!
The only thing Ethan is struggling with is the drops and ointment we have to do.  We do the drops 2 times during the day and the ointment at night before bed.  He HATES them!!  I asked him if they hurt and he said "No, they are just scary!"  Poor little buddy.  This morning, after we did the drops and he was crying he yelled at me "When I get big, I'm going to put drops in your eyes!!!"  That about made me cry.  I do have some eye drops that I use occasionally, I just might have to let him put them in my eyes tonight.

Aidan and Daddy will arrive home in a couple of hours.  Hopefully, they can remember to not play rough....wish us luck with that!
From the Colorado Aunties with love!