Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good News!

What good news we have!  First of all, we picked up Ethan's glasses last week Friday.  What a little cutie he is...


He has done a GREAT job of keeping his glasses on.  We have told him if he wants to take his glasses off, he needs to come to us and ask for a "break".  He has done exceptionally well with this (except for last night when he took them off and hid them under the couch!) and in fact didn't even ask to take a break at all today!  Woo Hoo!
And Aidan has been such a little trooper through this.  He is very proud to show off Ethan's glasses and to point out other people who wear glasses.  He did have a little melt down this evening, but there has been a lot of attention on Ethan this entire month, so I think the poor little boy is probably allowed a melt down.  I felt so bad for him, I shed a few tears myself.

Yesterday, Ethan and I made a trip to IA City for his MRI.  What a brave boy he was!  The staff at IA City was also amazing and made all the difference in Ethan being able to tolerate everything.   Once his IV was started he was off to sleep and into the MRI scanner.  When he woke up, he stumbled around like a drunk for a little while, but mom helped him walk some of it off at the outlet mall (who can drive by Williamsburg and not stop??).  We received a phone call tonight with wonderful news...Ethan's brain and pituitary gland are completely normal!!  It did show that his optic nerves are smaller than normal, the right side being worse than the left.  This is information that we already knew from the previous visit to IA City.  They said the optic nerve hypoplasia can be associated with albinism, so we will continue to await those results.  It will probably be a couple more weeks before we hear any results on the genetic tests for that.  In the meantime, they said to keep encouraging him to wear his glasses and return to see them in May!

 Thank you everyone for all of your prayers. They've been working!  

So what else have we been up to?  Well, besides digging out from all the snow (with no end in sight!)

(Yep, that is our mailbox, peeking out of the snowbank, with big snowflakes continuing to fall)

We have been busy travelers this month.  After 2 trips to IA City, 1 long weekend to Chicago (happy 1st birthday Kayla) and a weekend in northwest Iowa, we're pooped.  But, the fun's not over yet.  My mom gets possession of her townhouse tomorrow, we have TWO birthday parties to attend this weekend, and then move my mom in the next week.  We'll wrap all of the up with my 30th birthday on March 7.  Whew!  I may just sleep through my birthday.

We'll end this blog with a few more pics just for fun.  Hope you enjoy!

Ethan's new favorite meal...cereal WITH milk!

Oops, Aidan got ahold of the Sharpie!

Lounging on a Sunday afternoon

Nice outfit Ethan!

Future Techie