Sunday, March 25, 2012

House Updates

Ok, we haven't posted since Christmas.  We have been getting a lot of crap about this.  But, to our defense, we've been DEEP in house projects around here.  And then, it's like summer happened the middle of March and we've been in full swing outside.  Thought we'd share with you some pics of what's been happening around here.  I know some of you have lived through entire house remodels...and I don't know how you did it.  We put in new flooring on the entire 1st and 2nd floor of the house.  We almost feel like professional furniture movers and have decided against that as an occupation. We did have 2 little construction helpers for part of the process.  As cute as they are, they cause more work then they help.  So, we enlisted the wonderful services of Nana, Papa, and Grammy!  Thanks so much for keeping our little helpers!
In the midst of getting ready for baths, they decided they wanted to help pull up carpet.  I told them they couldn't help because they didn't have shoes on.  Seconds later, they showed up, ready to work!
Silly faces
Scary faces
Crazy faces
Front room- carpet ripped out
Front room-getting ready for underlayment
No one sitting in this living room!!
This would be all of the furniture from our room and the boys' room....crammed into one small space!
Boys' room...getting ready to stain some closet doors.
Front room with new floors.
Kitchen too.
New carpet in the living room,
on the stairs,
in the spare bedroom (looks like you're sleeping on the floor if you stay over)
At the last minute, the laundry room got new flooring too!
Boys got new carpet

We're up for suggestions on what to do with the "master nook" area.

New carpet-master

 Thanks so much to all of our friends that helped out with the project.  Mark Bockenstedt, Mark Lewis, Rob Thomas, Brent Francois, and Travis Jostand.  Without all of you we wouldn't have been able to pull all of this off. 

And for our next project.....