Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Well, another year of Halloween.  Of course, the Rash boys were animals again this year.  The boys actually understood Halloween this year...the dressing up, the trick or treating, the CANDY!!

They wore their costumes to school on Friday and went trick or treating in downtown Ames with their preschool.  It sounds like they had a lot of fun!  After school, our first stop was Grammy's house.  Unfortunately, Ethan missed the step coming out of my mom's house and landed head first onto the sidewalk.  He gained quite the ugly bump on his head and wasn't the happiest boy for a while.  Once a little Tylenol kicked in, he was ready to hit the streets!
 The boys' best friend Lily  came and trick or treated with them.  We had pizza afterward and of course CANDY, and then the kids had a dance party to burn off all the sugar.

 BJ got some good practice in with 2 little boys...his own 2 little boys will be arriving sometime in early December.  Good luck BJ!

We had a great time!  Good thing we have enough candy to last us until next Halloween.